Hi. I'm a Director of Photography and cinematographer shooting fiction films, documentaries, art films, music videos and commercials, focusing on high quality cinematography. I have work experience with different artists, directors and producers with a broad range of production scales and formats, taking cinematic responsibility for hundreds of film projects. Currently working on a historic TV-series documentary about the migration age that lasted from AD 375 - 568.

Even though I am based in Oslo I have production experience from around the world. Such as Italy, Spain, Austria, Poland, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States, Hungary, Czech Republic, Egypt, Thailand, Scandinavia, Costa Rica and Trinidad & Tobago.

Being an alumnus of the Nordic Institute of Stage and Studio with bachelor degree in cinematography and master classes by Ping Bin Lee and Roger Deakins, first assistant and second unit dop for cinematographes like Hoyte Van Hoytema and Harald Gunnar Paalgaard have inspired me in the making of moving images.

Capturing light, creating art.

I'm a member of The Norwegian Society of Cinematographers,

a division of IMAGO - International Federation of Cinematographers.


Nicolai Aass, Andrea Armada, Anita Aamodt Enersen, Andreas Rønning, Frederic Esnault, Jill Greenberg, Jerker Josefsson,Tor Einstabland, Geirr Johnsen, Wajid Malik, Thomas Qvale, Henrik Zwart, Eigil Landmark, Joon Brandt, Mathias Steinbru, Terje Boye, Martin Sofiedal, Siri Hermansen, Lotte Konow Lund, Mark Francombe, Knud Andreas Kleppe, Magnus Arnesen, Leiv Igor Devold, Bruce Parramore, Jarle Medhus, Haakon Storm Heen, Anders Reime, Felix Fossum, Alf Dyblie, Rune Bendixen, Mona Hoel, Bård Hole, Jørn Veberg, Bjørn Glestad, Hanne Breivik, Håvard Bustnes, Knut Petter Ryan and Joachim Rønning & Espen Sandberg (second unit).


Dreaming in the Stonebed Valley by Siri Hermansen (2017)

Exhibition, Seoul International New Media Festival (South Korea)

Biathlon World Cup Promo Vignette by Jørn Veberg & Knud Kleppe (2016)

Nominated, Gullruten Fagpris Best Innovation (Norway 2016)

Fashion Loop for The Varner Group (2016)

Permanent exhibition at Varner HQ Oslo/Asker (Norway)

Opp 40800 Elipse 41755 by Lotte Konow Lund (2015)

Permanent exhibition at New Ullern Upper Secondery School (Norway)

Dreaming in the Stonebed Valley by Siri Hermansen (2015)

Official Opening Screening, Bamberger Kurzfilmtage (Germany 2016)

Exhibition, Gallery of Internationales Künstlerhause Villa Concordia (Germany 2016)

No Competition by Rune Hov (2014)

Screening, Slide Luck Oslo III (Norway 2014)

Terra Nullius by Siri Hermanssen (2013)

Screening, Tromsø International Film Festival (Norway 2014)

Exhibition, Oslo Kunstforening (Norway 2013)

Tokyo Shuffle by Rune Hov (2012)

Nominated, Boston Underground Film Festival (USA 2013)

Chernobyl Mon Amour by Siri Hermanssen (2012)

Exhibition, Stenersen Museum (Norway 2012/2013)

Screened, Norwegian Short Film Festival (Norway 2012)

Screened, Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam (Netherland 2012)

Detroit - Land of Freedom by Siri Hermanssen (2012)

Exhibition,The 15th Seoul International New Media Festival (Korea 2015)

Exhibition, Stenersen Museum (Norway 2012/2013)

Bull - King by Nicolai Aass (2012)

Silver Ace Award, Las Vegas Film Festival (USA 2012)

Bull - Under My Skin by Nicolai Aass (2011)

Nominated, Aesthetica Short Film Festival (UK 2012)

Best Music Video, Miami Short Film Festival (USA 2011)

Nominated, Norwegian Short Film Festival (Norway 2011)

Horisont by Wajid Malik (2005)

Nominated Cinemagic, UK

Hodet Mitt by Knut Petter Ryan (2004)

Best Short Short Film - Aspen Shortfest (USA 2005)

Best International Short Award - Short Shorts Film Festival (JP 2005)

Gold Award Experimental Film - Crested Butte Reel Fest (USA 2005)

Participation, Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (France 2005)

Nominated, Tromsø Int. Film Festival (Norway 2005)

Nominated, Gøteborg Int. Film Festival (Sweden 2005)

Nominated, 14th Nordic Panorama (Iceland 2204)

Winner 2nd price best short film, Zoomin’ Short Film Festival (Norway 2004)

Winner, Internet Film of the Year, VG/Grimstad (Norway 2004)

Grand Jury Diploma, Norwegian Short Film Festival, Grimstad (Norway 2005)

Nominated, Kosmorama Film Festival, Trondheim (Norway 2005)

Nominated, Comedia, the Just For Laughs Festival’s Film Event (Montreal 2005)

Nominated, Festival International de Cinéma du Grain á Dèmoudre (France 2005)

Nominated, Damascus International Film Festival (Syria 2005)

Nominated, Brest International Short Film Festival (France 2005)

Nominated, Nordische Filmtage, Lübeck (Germany 2005)

Nominated, InVideo Film Festival, Milano (Italy 2005)

Nominated, Boréales, Caen (France 2005)

Nominated, Flickerfest International Short Film Festival (Sydney 2006)

Nominated, Animateka Film Festival, Ljubljana (Slovenia 2006)

Nominated, Plein La Bobine Children's Film Festival (France 2006)

Nominated, Ciné Junior (France 2007)

Nominated, New York Children Film Festival (USA 2007)

Nominated, International Short Film Festival, Open Cinema, St. Petersburg (Russia 2008)

WE - Sassy Zazie by Knut Petter Ryan (2004)

Nominated, Best Music Video Natt & Dag Oslo Award (Norway 2004)

Blinders by Haakon Storm Heen (2003)      

2. Best Short Award, Zoomin’ Short Film Festival, Oslo, Norway

TusenFryd by Knut Petter Ryan (2003)

Cannes Lions 51st Int. Advertising Festival (France 2005)

Break Fast by Knut Petter Ryan (2002)

Nominated, Cosmic Zoom Short Film Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

Julstämning by Richard Andersson (2002)

Nominated, Norwegian Short Film Festivals, Grimstad, Norway

sTADt by Rune Hov (2001)                         

Cinema short, Oslo Kinematografer (Norway 2003)

Dolby Laboratories Inc. Sound Design workshops (USA 2003)

Nominated, Cosmic Zoom Short Film Festival, Copenhagen (Denmark 2003)

Nominated, Zoomin’ Short Film Festival, Oslo (Norway 2002)

Nominated, Norwegian Short Film Festivals, Grimstad (Norway 2002)

Nominated, Norwegian Documentary Festival, Volda (Norway 2002)

The Audience Award, Norwegian Student Film Festival (Norway 2002)

Winner of Open Category, Norwegian Student Film Festival (Norway 2002)

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+47 915 81051

Watch films at vimeo.com/runehov


Rune Hov FNF

Director of Photography / Cinematographer / filmmaker