Chernobyl Mon Amour

Documentary / Video installation

Following two state-employed guides in Priyat, Ukraine, Dennis and Maxim and their subjective perspectives and relationship to The Zone.

The project touches on the mysterious ability of both man and nature to adapt to the radioactive air.

Total runtime 20 minutes.

Work as editor.

Director: Siri Hermansen


© 2023 Rune Hov

Detroit, Land of Freedom

Documentary / Video installation

A film that explores what can grow out of the financial catastrophy that has ruined The Motor City, Detroit during the past decades.

Warning: Animal slaughter

Total runtime 32 minutes.

Work as editor.

Director: Siri Hermansen

Island of Memories

Documentary / Video installation

A three channel video intallation. The film investigate how memories and traumas of the Second World War have been transferred and received by the 3rd generation descendants of German families. We get an insight into human processes of adaption, where negotiation mechanisms enter into force for the descendant to carry their family heritage.

Picture above: Installation at Galleri  F15, Jeløya, Norway. (Photo by Momentum)

Work as editor.

Director: Siri Hermansen

Selected documentary films

Skaugum Cultery

Promotional short documentary

The traditional cutlery brand with the "royal" name Skaugum makes handmade cultery with traditional methods and with the same design since 1943, the year the company where founded in Geilo, Norway.

Forks and knives hotter than ever!

(Runtime 4:21 - no subtitles)

Production company: R&R

Director/DOP: Rune Hov

Martine - Siste Kapittel / Murder In Mayfair

Documentary, 4 x 45 min, 1 x 60 min.

Martine Vik Magnussen was raped and murdered in Mayfair, London in march 2008. She was found in the basement of an apartment block, hidden under rubble.

She died from compression to the neck, the cause of strangulation.

Farouk Abdulhak, the son of billionaire and one of Yemen's wealthiest men, Shaher Abdulhak, is the only suspect in the case. He fled to Yemen shortly after.

In this series investigating jounalist Nawal Al-Maghafi are seeking contact with the suspect.

Directed by Gard A. Andreassen & Nawal Al-Maghafi

Production company: BBC & NeedToKnow

DOP: Rune Hov

Dreaming In The Stone-bed Walley

Documentary / Video installation

A non-verbal short-film revolving around two realities related to the fundamental necessity of sleep within the Israel controlled Jerusalem and the bordering zone of the Palestinian controlled Bethlehem.

Two muted men presents two different perspectives on adaption to the conflict and of how new survival strategies emerge in order for human and nature to survive within this territory.

Read more and watch here.

Work as editor.

Director: Siri Hermansen